Turmeric Ginger Peach Carrot Oatmeal Smoothie

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Almost half the time I make a smoothie I add oats into it. This makes the smoothie thicker also helps keep you fuller longer. One of my favorite oatmeal smoothies includes peaches and carrots. These two may sound like they are an odd pair, but they blend so well! Not to mention, you get a serving of both a fruit and a vegetable. I also threw in some secret spices that turn this simple breakfast into a nutrient rich blast for your body. If you feel like you are under the weather and may need a boost this smoothie will definitely help kick start your health back to where it should be. The combination of a little ginger and turmeric is a true powerhouse together.

Carrots may seem like a random food to throw in a smoothie, but don’t knock it until you try it! They are now one of my favorite additions to a blend! I usually always pair them with a fruit, such as this cranberry carrot smoothie recipe and this fig carrot smoothie recipe.
peach carrot smoothie pre blend

For this oatmeal smoothie recipe you will need a banana, carrots and peaches. For extra sustenance of course oats will be added. I also added a dash of turmeric and ginger as well, then blended all with flax milk.

Did you know that eating peaches can help with weight management?

turmeric ginger peach carrot oatmeal smoothie recipe

What are you making your smoothies with? How about a power system that lets you blend and go?

Drink up because this smoothie has healing powers in it’s ingredients! It’s anti-inflammatory and full of antioxidants. Turmeric is a natural detoxifier that helps burn fat and can even improve asthma and skin conditions. Ginger helps boost the immune system, aid in weight loss and ease pain. These are just a few benefits that can come from drinking this turmeric ginger oatmeal smoothie.

Peach Carrot Oatmeal Smoothie from Body Compass Discovery's blog

If you liked this oatmeal smoothie I have others for you to try! This avocado and rhubarb smoothie recipe uses oats too, and is another blend that is extremely beneficial.

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