Date & Apple Protein Oats

Fill your body up right!

You should eat soon after waking up, so don’t make breakfast so complicated! These protein oats take only a few ingredients and just a few minutes to make before you are enjoying a sustaining morning meal! Perfect to take on the go for busy week day mornings or to enjoy while you relax over the weekend.

Date and Apple Protein Oats Recipe

Protein oats are my favorite to make in the mornings because they keep me full for hours and I can load them up with toppings that fuel my body. These are made with coconut milk, hemp oil, peanut butter and collagen powder plus some dates and apples.

prepped #oats with chopped dates and apples

I chose peanut butter for some protein and because let’s be honest- who doesn’t love the creamy effect of peanut butter in oatmeal? The dates act as a natural sweetener so you don’t need any honey, while we all know an apple a day keeps the doctor away! Coconut milk is rich in healthy properties and hemp oil provides an endless amount of benefits. I also included collagen powder because it does wonders for your skin, while also giving an extra boost of amino acids! This oatmeal may seem simple, but each bite is a powerhouse for your body!

Heat the milk and oats on medium high in a pot. Once at a low boil lower the temperature some and stir often to prevent sticking. During this time you can dice the red apples and pitted dates. Add to the pot and cook for a few minutes, until oats have thickened and the fruit has softened some. At this point you can add in the peanut butter and hemp oil.
stove top oatmeal with dates and apples

The hemp oil I always have in the fridge is the Manitoba Harvest brand!

Remove from heat and add the collagen powder. Stir well and serve hot! You can also let the oatmeal cool completely and then store in mason jars for weekly breakfast meal prep, as this makes about five servings.
mason jar oatmeal with dates and apples

cooked date and apple oats in mason jar

Date & Apple Protein Oats

Oatmeal with chopped dates and apples, coconut milk, hemp oil, peanut butter and collagen powder.
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 5 minutes
Total Time 10 minutes
Course Breakfast
Servings 5 servings


  • 2 cups oats whole grain rolled
  • 1 cup coconut milk
  • 2 red apples small
  • 4 dates pitted
  • 1 tbsp hemp oil unrefined cold pressed
  • 2 tbsp collagen powder plain


  • Dice the red apples and pitted dates. Set aside.
  • Heat the milk and oats on medium in a pot, stirring often. Add the fruit and cook for a few minutes, then remove once thickened.
  • Stir in the peanut butter, hemp oil and collagen powder. Serve hot!

nutrition facts for date and apple protein oats

My favorite brand of collagen to add in is the Bulletproof unflavored. Due to the neutral taste you can add it to anything you are making and you can’t even tell!

These protein oats will sustain you all morning!

Date and Apple Protein Oats Recipe from Body Compass Discovery's blog

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