200 Squat Prenatal Routine

Big belly with a toned booty!

I know squats are important when you are pregnant, so I would squeeze them in to my daily routine while brushing my teeth or doing things like talking on the phone. Did you know that it is recommended you do about 200 squats a day to prepare for labor though? It can seem hard to get in that many so I came up with a prenatal routine using different squat variations!

It’s helpful to strengthen your lower body muscles when pregnant because you are going to need a lot of extra support for your growing belly, plus work continuously on opening your hips and preparing for birth. Just remember you may need to adjust your stance depending on which trimester you are in. They key to this routine is not speed, it is form! No equipment is needed here- you are already carrying extra weight! I do recommend wearing supportive shoes during this prenatal squat workout.

When performing the pulse squats each one counts as two! Since you are sinking down in to position and then only partially coming up as you pulse you are getting in a double squat. The low in & out squats count as 4 for each rep since you are in a chair squat, then squat out to the right, back to chair squat, then squat out to the left. So even though you are only completing 10 you are actually doing a total of 40 squats with these!

Prenatal 200 #Squat Routine

Routine breakdown:
– standard squats x10
– pulse squats (standard position) x20
– side squats L/R x10
– chair squats x10
– pulse squats (chair position) x10
– low in & out squats x10
– plie squats x10
– pulse squats (plie position) x20
– birthing squats x10

Disclaimer: These exercises may not be suitable for everyone and should be attempted with caution. You are participating in these exercises at your own risk. By engaging in these activities you are the judge of your own fitness level and capabilities and assume any risks of personal injury. Always consult with your doctor about if participating in fitness is appropriate for you during pregnancy.

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