20 Minute Full Body HIIT Routine

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At the beginning of every month for one year I did a health and/or fitness challenge in my Facebook group BODY CHALLENGE with Collette. The idea behind this group is to encourage people to get started on their path with exercise and nutrition. In a group setting you can be inspired by each other and gain support from others who have the same goal. There are no requirements at all- anyone can join at any time! It’s all about you vs. you in this group, while creating a supportive atmosphere to keep you motivated. Check it out and invite your friends!

For my October monthly challenge I put together an intense 5 day HIIT routine. This type of exercise is a mix of both moderate and high intensity moves. The idea is that alternating between the two burns more fat. It’s one of the most effective workouts you can do, plus it’s usually done with very little breaks in-between so you get through a powerful routine quickly. At the end of the 5 days I combined each day’s challenge into one full workout, bringing it to a complete HIIT routine made up of 5 circuits that each contain 3 moves. It should take about 12-20 minutes to complete, depending on your speed.

20 Minute Full Body HIIT Routine

Routine breakdown:

– 10 Froggers / 10 Spiderman Push-Ups R/L / 10 Side Plank Crunches R/L
– 10 Side Shuffle with Touch Down R/L / 10 Jump Squats / 10 Side Toe Touch Crunches R/L
– 20 High Knees and Toes / 10 Speed Skaters R/L / 10 Standing Side Crunch R/L
– 20 Jumping Jacks / 10 Plank Leg Lifts R/L / 20 Bicycle Crunches
– 10 Curtsy Lunges R/L / 20 Mountain Climbers / 10 Running Man Sit-Ups R/L

>>I FILMED THIS ROUTINE so you can follow along and do it with me!

You can view a video for this workout over on my YouTube channel at Body Compass Discovery’s 20 Minute Full Body HIIT Routine.

Want to know a secret? I filmed this workout while pregnant! I was in my first trimester so if you notice I am out of breath often it’s because my body was doing so much more than just this routine. When you start to make a baby you are quite exhausted, but when you are able to get in some exercise you can still do the same type of fitness you have been used to…. and you might not be able to continue that in the coming months. Rest up when you need to and then crush a satisfying workout with me! As always- stay safe and be mindful!

Disclaimer: I am not a physical trainer, I am simply sharing workouts that I choose to do for myself. These exercises may not be suitable for everyone and should be attempted with caution. You are participating in these exercises at your own risk. By engaging in these activities you are the judge of your own fitness level and capabilities and assume any risks of personal injury.

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