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If you are like me then you might be insecure about your hair. I dream of having long, luscious locks instead of thin hair that does’t seem to get any longer. You can buy expensive products to help improve hair, or you can make a homemade treatment with something you have in your own backyard.

A hair mask I do frequently is to smear aloe vera on to my hair. This plant is vitamin packed! Whenever I get a sunburn I go grab a piece of aloe and rub it onto my skin for instant relief. The next day I’m no longer burnt and I owe it all to this wonderful little plant for repairing me, but I never thought to coat my hair with it until I started seeing it online. Aloe vera is in many hair care products, but using it straight from the plant will provide the best benefits for your hair. Yes it is messy, but worth it!

aloe vera plant

Aloe is able to naturally cleanse the scalp, which aids in enabling better hair growth. If you feel like you are losing hair then an aloe vera mask is a good remedy for you to try out. I like to combine the aloe with something else when I do a mask just to boost the benefits on my hair. Below is a mask which combines aloe with a complimentary essential oil. I chose Rosemary because it has many powerful benefits, such as preventing hair loss and promoting new hair growth. These two work together to create a powerful hair mask to help you reach your goals of thicker hair.

Begin by cutting off a stalk of aloe and coating the scalp with it. It’s more important for the aloe to be at the roots than the ends, but it can be spread all over. Next, part the hair into sections so drops of rosemary can be placed directly on the scalp. Use your fingers to rub the oil in. Leave in for about 20 minutes before shampooing.


There are two methods I use for applying the aloe pulp. It can be put on to the hair by slicing the stalk open and rubbing it along your strands, or cutting all of the pulp out and squishing it up until it is in a more liquid form for easier application. I recommend massaging it into the hair thoroughly to make sure all the pulp has broken up.

This combination can also be very useful for help with dandruff and itchy, dry scalp!

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