Rejuvenating Coconut Hair Mask

Coconut oil has tons of uses, and one of my favorites is to apply it as an all natural hair treatment. A hair mask with just this alone can do wonders for your hair! The coconut oil is nourishing, helps with split ends and restores luster. It can be applied all over the hair, massaged into just the roots or coated only on the ends. Whether you use the oil on it’s own or mix with something else, your hair is going to thank you.

When combined with other oils, you can really boost the effects. For instance, both lavender and peppermint essential oil stimulate the scalp to bring on new growth. Below is a mask that uses a combination of these oils to help encourage blood circulation in the scalp so hair can grow better.

The best way to apply is to soak the hair from root to tip in coconut oil. It comes in a solid form but all you have to do is lather it between your fingers to get it to melt. Then, parting the hair into sections, put drops of the two essential oils directly on the scalp. Use your fingers to massage the oils directly into your scalp so the roots are completely covered.


Some people may want to use less drops or more drops depending on your tolerance to essential oils. I’ve been doing this for a while now (about three years) so I use a pretty liberal amount each time I do a natural hair treatment.

Note: Peppermint essential oil can have a strong tingling feeling so use minimally if needed.

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