Fat-Burning Antioxidant Smoothie

We see constant advertisements for food that is packed with antioxidants, but what are they exactly? In short, antioxidants help to battle harmful chemicals that we put into our body. Although we produce some on our own, eating antioxidant rich foods will help us in reducing health risks. One way to ensure you are getting a good influx of antioxidants is a fruit smoothie!

I’ve come up with a smoothie that will help with weight loss while also fighting dangerous compounds within us. The fruits I chose all have powerful nutritional qualities, are packed with fiber and help in converting what you consume into energy. Cherries, blueberries and goji berries all contain high antioxidant properties. They provide an excellent source of vitamin C, which is necessary if you are searching for these particular benefits. Adding flaxseed to the smoothie will aid in keeping you full longer. Since blueberries and flax both promote weight loss, this fusion is a winner for a quick breakfast option!


If you combine the right super foods with fruits it’s possible to create a powerful fat-burning antioxidant combo. Plus, this smoothie will definitely help with appetite control so drink up!

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