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A protein packed smoothie can keep you energized all day and help curb appetite. If you are looking to power up for a workout or need a meal supplement on the go this smoothie is perfect for you!

I am definitely a fan of anything that will give me extra protein. I am personally trying to tone up a bit, but still lean out… so it’s a fine line for me on my protein intake. I just have to make sure I am conscious of how much protein I am consuming and when I am putting it into my body. Earlier in the day is best because your body will burn calories throughout the day as it processes the protein. The main reason I’m seeking protein is for my hair, which I’m currently trying to repair naturally. Protein is a necessary building block in many ways. In smoothies protein powder is an easy go-to but I also chose to add peanut butter, spirulina and goji berries for a natural source in this one as well.

Protein gives your body long-lasting energy to get you through the day. I put cherries in this recipe because they boost energy levels and also provide a good amount of protein. Cherries are low in calories but rich in nutrients, so combine that with their sweet taste and they make a wonderful smoothie addition!

For this smoothie you need peaches, cherries, greek yogurt, peanut butter, protein powder, goji powder and spirulina powder. I used frozen fruit for mine, and natural peanut butter. The protein powder I use is a whey powder (central market vanilla).


This is a great smoothie for those days when you know you will be having a late lunch and need some extra sustainment!

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