Legs & Arms Toning Routine

Are you one of those people who has specific days of the week that you focus on working out certain muscle groups? Switch it up! Try to do arm day and leg day at the same time instead. I am all about combo routines that engage multiple muscles. These types of circuits get you out of a workout plateau by challenging your body with something it isn’t used to.

Try this toning routine with alternating exercises to work both your legs and your arms. I suggest using at least 5lb handheld arm weights. If you can, try to repeat the circuit twice for a more solid workout!


Routine Breakdown:

– Forward Lunges x 10 each leg
Start in a standing position with your legs together. Step one foot forward and sink down so that both knees are bent at a 90 degree angle (one up and one down). Make sure your front knee does not extend past your toes. Use that front leg to push yourself back up to standing with your feet together, then repeat with the other leg.

– Bicep Curls x 14
Stand straight with feet together, arms at your side and holding dumbbells. Palms will be facing out in front of you. Keep arms tight at your side. Bring the dumbbells up as close to your chest as you can, then back down. Repeat.

– Squats x 20
Stand with your feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart. Lower your body down as if you were going to sit. Try to get as parallel to the ground as possible, but make sure your back is straight and your knees do not go over your toes. Rise back up and then repeat.

– Hammer Curls x 14
Begin the same way as bicep curls, but have your palms facing inward towards your body. Go through the same motion by bringing the dumbbells close to your chest and then back down.

– Curtsy Lunges x 10 each leg
Start in a standing position with feet together. Step your right leg backwards and to the left as you sink down into a rear lunge. This will result in your thighs crossing so that you are in a curtsy position, with your front leg remaining stationary with the knee bent and up in front of you. Push with your right foot to rise back up, bringing the leg back to meet the other. Repeat with your left leg crossing back down to the right.

– Tricep Kickbacks x 14
Holding dumbbells in each hand with feet together, bend forward slightly. Keep arms next to your side with elbows bent so the dumbbell is near your waist. Straighten your arms behind you and then bring back for each rep.

– Side Lunge x 10 each leg
Start in a standing position with feet together. Step one leg far out to the side and sink down into a lunge, with your body facing forward. The leg that stepped out will have the knee bent while your other leg remains stationary and straight. Push off the ground with your foot to bring your leg back to meet the other to stand again. Repeat on each side.

– Overhead Extensions x 14
Stand with legs together and dumbbells in hand. Extend your arms above your head and then bend at the elbows so you are lowering the dumbbells behind your head. Bring arms straight back up and then repeat.

– Plie Squats x 20
Stand with legs wide apart and feet turned out. Sink down until you create 90 degree angles with your legs. Make sure to keep your back straight up so you are not leaning forward, and don’t let your knees go past your toes. Rise back up and then repeat.

– Bent Over Rows x 14
Stand with feet together, knees bent and holding dumbbells in each hand. Bend slightly forward at the waist, arms down in front of you. Now pull your arms in so your elbows go back behind you and your hands come near your chest. Keep abs tight to hold your body in place and help support your back. Return to the start and then repeat.

Disclaimer: I am not a physical trainer, I am simply sharing workouts that I choose to do for myself. These exercises may not be suitable for everyone and should be attempted with caution. You are participating in these exercises at your own risk. By engaging in these activities you are the judge of your own fitness level and capabilities and assume any risks of personal injury.

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  1. February 15, 2016

    Curtsey lunges are killer! I did them the other day along with jumping squats. It was killer! You’re right, working out different muscle groups at the same time is killer. I do tend to stick to one muscle group, but when I do switch it up my muscles are sore. Thanks for posting!

    • February 16, 2016

      Definitely! Curtsy lunges are one of my favorite leg exercises to throw in to these workouts 🙂

  2. February 15, 2016

    Love this workout! This is also my first time visiting your blog. I just want to let you know your content is awesome and I love the idea behind your blog. I have a fitness and nutrition blog. Every Monday I host a blog link up called Motivational Mondays. I would love for you to join and add your link! Here is the link to today’s Motivational Monday post: https://www.thesweetlifediaryofahealthnut.blogspot.com/2016/02/motivational-monday.html

    Great work! 🙂

    • February 16, 2016

      Wow, thanks so much for your kind words! I will definitely check out your blog and I would love to join that link up!

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