15 Shakeology Smoothie Recipes

These smoothies all share a key ingredient to power your day!

If you follow me then you know I am an avid smoothie maker. You might also have noticed that I especially love superfood smoothies and mega smoothies that include vegetables too! I believe if you are going to drink a meal it might as well be as beneficial and sustaining as possible.

A common additive to smoothies is a protein powder. I have used many different kinds but have settled on one above all others. The choice was simple after I reviewed the ingredients- all raw and made with superfoods! I not only made the switch for myself, but also became a coach for the brand so I could spread the word. It matters what you put into your body on a daily basis!

shakeology recipe collection from Body Compass Discovery's blog

Why did I choose this particular protein powder? Shakeology not only aids in weightloss and curbing cravings, but it is nutrient rich and loaded with protein and fiber. The purpose of drinking Shakeology daily is that it provides you with a powerhouse of vitamins to keep you energized and support better overall health. I stand by this product because there are no added preservatives or artificial sweeteners whatsoever. On its own Shakeology is mainly counted as a protein, although it is made up of an enormous number of fruits and vegetables. I found that I got more out of one serving of this than anything else I was using as an additive to my smoothies.
shakeology love

Anyone who has purchased Shakeology knows that it comes with some suggested recipes for each flavor. However, drinking your shake daily can mean that you might keep circulating the same ones over and over again. Or perhaps you are only mixing your Shakeology with some almond or coconut milk, which is just fine (and simply delicious) but you can make it so much more! For those of you who have a hard time getting in all of your veggies, you can always blend them up! Trust me, vegetables in a smoothie are not weird.
green shakeology blend example

Below are 15 different Shakeology smoothie recipes to try that combine a variety of fruits, vegetables and even a few extra superfoods (because, why not??) …. each with 1 serving of the powder:

– Pear & Banana Beet Superfood Smoothie
pear banana strawberry beet shakeology

– Avocado & Beet Strawberry Spirulina Smoothie
avocado beet strawberry spirulina shakeology

– Mango Peach Greenberry Oat Smoothie
mango peach greenery oat shakeology

– Vanilla Pear Sweet Potato Green Smoothie
vanilla pear sweet potato green shakeology

– Orange Pineapple Fruit & Veggie Smoothie
orange pineapple fruit and veggie shakeology

– Pineapple Peach Coconut Greenberry Smoothie
pineapple peach green coconut shakeology

– Tropical Green Superfood Smoothie
tropical green superfood shakeology

– Pineapple Banana Date Coconut Smoothie
pineapple banana date coconut shakeology

– Tropical Berry Vanilla Nut Smoothie
tropical berry vanilla nut shakeology

– Banana Jackfruit Vanilla Hemp Smoothie
banana jackfruit vanilla hemp shakeology

– Blueberry Apple Protein Smoothie
blueberry apple protein shakeology

– Cucumber Peach Greenberry Smoothie
cucumber peach greenberry shakeology

– Pineapple Cherry Cacao Superfood Smoothie
pineapple cherry cacao shakeology

– Peanut Butter Melon Green Smoothie
peanut butter melon shakeology

– Fig Carrot Almond Green Smoothie
fig carrot almond green shakeology

– Blueberry Apple Peanut Butter Oat Smoothie
blueberry apple peanut butter oat shakeology

For those who have never tried Shakeology you can reach out to me and I can help you get started with a variety pack or flavor of your choice! If you have heard of it and want some more information I am here to help with that too! The best way to try out these Shakeology smoothie recipes is with a 7 day sampler, which comes in both regular and vegan.

#shakeology 7 day variety sampler coach trial through Body Compass Discovery for a daily superfood protein powder
Disclosure: As an independent coach I have an affiliate relationship with Beachbody to promote and sell their products. I personally use them myself on a daily basis, and I stand by what I offer on my site. Always know that you can reach out to me with questions- I am happy to help you on your health journey!

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