Tomato Toning Face Mask

Fresh produce has more uses than just food!

Did you know you really only need 1 ingredient in the face toner you use? Ever looked at the label on the bottle, even organic brands, and wondered what everything was inside? It can definitely make me hesitant to put on my skin sometimes! Or I just spend too much time trying to educate myself on what all the components are, when really you can cleanse your face with something as minimal as a single fruit.

You know what is an all natural toner? Rubbing a slice of tomato on your face! It’s great for purifying, evening out your complexion and minimizing pores.

fresh cut tomatoes

All you have to do is rub on your T zones and leave the juice on for 5-15 minutes, then wash off with warm water. It’s not even sticky, it pretty much just absorbs in to your skin! The high amounts of antioxidants in tomatoes can help fight cellular damage when applied directly to your skin. Who knew you could tighten and brighten skin with something you eat?

Tomato Face Mask

You can watch my Tomato Face Mask video where I tried it out for a Mask Talk Monday on my Instagram page! Next time you want to fight acne, remove blackheads or fix your complexion remember how the tomato can be added to your beauty routine!

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