Green Apple Raspberry Vanilla Smoothie

A smoothie a day keeps the doctor away!

Usually I eat an apple with my smoothie in the morning, or as a snack with some nut butter or cheese. I started adding apples to my blender about a year ago and found it to be so refreshing!

Green Apple Raspberry Vanilla Smoothie recipe from Body Compass Discovery's blog

You only need three things for this smoothie! A green apple, some raspberries and vanilla protein powder are all it takes to make up this blend. Sounds simple, but the benefits are much more than that.
Green apple raspberry vanilla #smoothie ingredients

Green apples and raspberries can help manage weight, protect skin, maintain a healthy heart, prevent cancer and nourish your bones. There may be few ingredients to this smoothie but it is full of goodness for you! Plus, I found that apples freeze wonderfully. That means you can put together make ahead freezer packs!

Green Apple Raspberry Vanilla Smoothie recipe

What protein powder are you adding in to your smoothies?

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