Cran-Strawberry Hemp Smoothie

Get festive with your smoothies this holiday!

During winter months when cranberries fill the stores you usually snag them up to throw in to dishes for a holiday feast. You can also freeze these bags and use them up in a cranberry smoothie!

cranberry strawberry hemp smoothie recipe from Body Compass Discovery's blog

This smoothie has less that 5 ingredients so you can throw it together extremely quick! All you need are cranberries, hemp seeds, a banana and I chose a strawberry flavored protein powder. Just mix with water and some ice cubes and blend away!
cranberry strawberry hemp smoothie ingredients

Hemp seeds are a great little addition to your diet! They may be tiny but they will have a big impact since raw hemp is extremely high in protein and omegas, yet low carb. Talk about the perfect combo! Besides smoothies I love adding them to yogurt and salads, or even toasts!

This smoothie is already providing some essential nutrients for your day, but why not go ahead and load it up with as much as possible? The key ingredient in this smoothie is my protein powder of choice- Shakeology. It has so many fruits and vegetables in it, plus the addition of superfoods… it is it’s own powerhouse of wholesome sustenance! Of course you can make this smoothie with any other protein powder and just add strawberries- but the vitamin rich results will not be quite the same. For those already using Shakeology, blend this one up with your strawberry flavor next time!

cranberry strawberry hemp #smoothie recipe

If you enjoyed this cranberry smoothie then I have another blend for you to try! My cranberry carrot green smoothie is a great anti-oxidant. I would love to hear your thoughts on this smoothie after you try it if you are one of those people who never threw them in to your blender before!

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  1. November 25, 2017

    Well, I found my new favorite smoothie! This looks delicious. I didn’t think to add cranberries to the mix but that sounds perfect! Thanks for sharing this great recipe!

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