Healthy Habits Planning System

Keeping up with new habits shouldn’t be just as hard as starting them.

How many times have you set a goal and lost track along the way? What about struggling with maintaining, so you find yourself achieving that goal all over again because you keep having to restart time after time? Do you ever feel that sometimes the hardest thing to do is stay on track once you’ve started? That’s where a healthy habits planner comes in- and one that actually works!

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I can’t tell you how many times I have tried to log my fitness or nutrition to hold myself accountable and eventually I just lose the habit. However, when you let go of that aspect you are more likely to quit on you too, as they go hand in hand. You want to keep up with both consistently until it becomes a part of your every day lifestyle. Just like all the other little habits you have formed, you need to reformat yourself to make better choices on a daily basis if you really want a full positive change that lasts. A great way to achieve this is with a solid tracking system! A friend of mine put together one that completely blew my mind- it is an absolute gold mine for transformation! Her planner guides you through how to adjust your mindset first, then focus on the key elements you need to re-evaluate in order to meet your goals.
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The Healthy Habits Planning System focuses on four main points- your nutrition, hydration, activity and recovery. Taking a closer look at each of those aspects in your life is the foundation of this whole process. The planner gives tons of insight in to breaking each of these sections down, then takes you through the necessary steps to begin your health journey.

Being healthy should be a natural state, not one that you obsess over by counting calories or steps. With this planner you receive a list of the proper foods to eat and how to gage proper intake. What I love about this part is it reminds me of the 21 Day Fix program. I use this with my clients for learning how to cook clean and cut out processed foods and added sugars. (You can learn more about this from my Join Me page.) There is also a focus on meal prepping to tie everything together and form eating habits that will stick with you for years. I have completely shifted my way of shopping, cooking and preparing meals since following this type of system. It all starts with small tweaks that build in to a full transformation!
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There are also multiple ways to get active that work differently for each person. Once you determine the right one for you it can completely change your life! It’s also important, and mandatory, to hydrate yourself correctly and get enough down time to recharge. All of these are essential and come together to establish a new way of going about your day that will keep you from that yo-yo effect in your health goals. Having a planner like this will help you stay on top of your choices so you can look and feel better from this point on!

You can check out all the details about the planning system here! The project is still being funded, and your support can help these planners reach more people! By purchasing a package you not only back it up so future planners can be ordered through their website, but you also get a reward to help you on your journey! Below is a list of options, and you can purchase through this link.

  • a basic Starter package (one Workbook + Four-Week Planner)
  • a Super Starter package (one Workbook + Four-Week Planner and one 90-Day Planner)
  • an Annual package (one Workbook + Four-Week Planner and four 90-Day Planners)

If you want to just try out The Healthy Habits System, the Starter package is for you; if you want to make sure you don’t run out of Planner, the Annual is your package!

Meet Corey Jackson: writer, academic, entrepreneur, mom, and nutrition and wellness professional. She left her job as a graphics designer to pursue an education in fitness, biology, and nutrition. She now holds a Master’s Degree, two certifications, and is a published author. During her journey studying fitness and nutrition, Corey also learned priceless time management and goal achieving principles that helped her do all of this while raising a family and staying active in her community. She now builds systems to help others achieve their health, fitness, and life goals.
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