Beet Mango Avocado Smoothie

Enjoy juicing beets? Try blending them too!

One of my favorite additions to a juice is beets. This vibrant root vegetable packs a lot of vitamins and is wonderful for your health. You can check out my favorite juice here and another I have done here. They both use a combination of fruits and vegetables for optimal nutrition per serving. Beets are now very common in my smoothie recipes!

For this smoothie I used beets with some mango and other fruits too, as well as some wheatgrass because I love adding superfoods. I also chose some coconut oil for an extra boost of a healthy fat and tropical note. Oh, and one last thing… an avocado! Throwing an avocado in to the mix is not as weird as you may think. Avocados in smoothies provide additional protein and help to thicken as well. The taste is not too strong so as long as you have other fruits going in the smoothie you can hardly tell that you have used one! Just trust me. Once you try it I bet you will do it again, and more often than you might anticipate! I personally find myself buying avocados now for the sole purpose of setting them aside for my smoothie making.
beet mango avocado smoothie ingredients pre blend

Blend away and drink to health! This avocado smoothie is packed with vitamin C, folic acid, iron, B complex vitamins, potassium and fiber…. just to name a few goodies. The contents help to aid in digestion and even provide anti aging benefits. Delicious and nutritious!

beet mango avocado smoothie recipe

The refreshing mango mixes perfectly with the heavy-bodied sweet beet flavor. Plus the avocado really perfects this consistency of this blend.
beet mango avocado smoothie blend

I’m wondering why I don’t have one of these in my kitchen yet. The amount of times that I have sliced through the avocado with a knife or spent longer than I should have to perfectly cut it out is rather ridiculous. This would save so much time in the future! Not to mention make my avocado toast look irresistably on point!

This avocado smoothie is richly creamy, earthy and tropical all at the same time! Blend away and enjoy the combination of flavors.

beet mango avocado smoothie from Body Compass Discovery

An ingredient heavy smoothie like this has everything you need! These are my favorite type of blends, but what about those days when you don’t have any produce on hand? My protein powder of choice is loaded with so many nutrients that all you need to mix it with is some liquid, then you can drink up on the go!

Monthly supply of superfood protein powder #Shakeology through coach Body Compass Discovery
Disclosure: As an independent coach I have an affiliate relationship with Beachbody to promote and sell their products. I personally use them myself on a daily basis, and I stand by what I offer on my site. Always know that you can reach out to me with questions- I am happy to help you on your health journey!

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