Core Combos Routine

Combo moves are the best for activating multiple muscles at one time!

Working your abs can be so much more than just endless crunches. You can activate different muscles in your mid-section by combining moves that focus on other areas as well. This full body core routine is a great way to engage your abs along with your entire body!

At the beginning of every month I will be doing a health and/or fitness challenge in my Facebook group BODY CHALLENGE with Collette. The idea behind this group is to encourage people to get started on their path with exercise and nutrition. In a group setting you can be inspired by each other and gain support from others who have the same goal. There are no requirements at all- anyone can join at any time! It’s all about you vs. you in this group, while creating a supportive atmosphere to keep you motivated. Check it out and invite your friends! I plan to give away prizes to my weekly winners too because I’m all about urging you to make a positive change for yourself and reward your efforts.

This was my first challenge and I let my followers choose what they wanted to do. The majority of requests were for abs, but people wanted to focus on quite a few other areas as well. I figured a core combo challenge was the way to go!

core combos routine

Routine breakdown:

– Russian Twists x 20
w/ Straight Leg x 10

– In & Outs with Tricep Dips x 20
w/ Arched Straight Legs x 10

– Bicycle Crunches x 20
w/ Straight Legs & Arms x10

– Side Plank with Knee Crunch x 20 R/L
w/ Straight Leg x 10 R/L

– Twisted Mountain Climbers x 20
w/ Side Plank and Kick Through x 5 R/L

>>I FILMED THIS ROUTINE so you can follow along and do it with me!

You can view a video for this workout over on my YouTube channel at Body Compass Discovery’s Core Combos Routine.

Disclaimer: I am not a physical trainer, I am simply sharing workouts that I choose to do for myself. These exercises may not be suitable for everyone and should be attempted with caution. You are participating in these exercises at your own risk. By engaging in these activities you are the judge of your own fitness level and capabilities and assume any risks of personal injury.

Core Combos Routine YouTube Video from Body Compass Discovery

For another great combo workout that also gets your heart pumping check out my Cardio & Combos Toning Routine!

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