Green Power Smoothie

If you are going to make a smoothie then you might as well make it right!

The majority of the time that I choose a blended breakfast I make it green and add in some beneficial mix-ins so it can be as healthy as possible. By doing this I ensure that I am getting the nutrients my body needs and sustaining myself if I am on the go. A green power smoothie is the best kind of fuel!

There is just something about filling up that blender and seeing the final result become vibrant green goodness!
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This recipe is loaded with superfoods! I chose wheatgrass, maca and spirulina to boost it to a higher level. Wheatgrass and spirulina both contain an extraordinary amount of minerals, vitamins and protein, which all help to cleanse, support, rebuild and protect your body. With these additions the smoothie has become antioxidant rich and able to detoxify and boost your immune system. If you want to know more about spirulina (one of my favorite superfoods) then I highly recommend checking out this post I found online because it is one of the best collections of information I have found! Adding maca into your diet can help to balance your mood, increase your energy, ease stress, improve skin and many other benefits. The best part about this particular smoothie is the combination of these three natural powders in one drink.

My idea of a perfect smoothie is at least one superfood with a serving of fruits and vegetables.

Two of these superfoods are green powerhouses, but I went ahead and threw in some spinach and green juice as well. To make the smoothie as filling as possible some extra protein powder thickens it up nicely and sustains your body. This green power smoothie is the perfect substitute meal!

green power smoothie recipe

The addition of natural enhancers helps to keep the smoothie from being too fruit dominant. Start your day with some powerful greens to do your body good!

What protein powder are you adding in to your smoothies? My daily choice is a superfood brand called Shakeology. It’s full of raw protein so I know exactly what is going in to my body. Plus, it has enough fruits and vegetables in it that you can blend it up by itself!
Monthly supply of superfood protein powder #Shakeology through coach Body Compass Discovery
Disclosure: As an independent coach I have an affiliate relationship with Beachbody to promote and sell their products. I personally use them myself on a daily basis, and I stand by what I offer on my site. Always know that you can reach out to me with questions- I am happy to help you on your health journey!

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