Tropical Superfood Smoothie

Wake up to raw ingredients with a tropical twist!

I am all about packing in as many nutrients and vitamins as I can into my morning smoothies. It’s an easy way to get in your necessary intake of fruits and vegetables if you are able to. Every time I blend one up I choose to always add in a superfood powder or two because it’s transforms your smoothie into a powerhouse of benefits.

This tropical smoothie is made up of raw ingredients to delight your taste buds and nourish the body. The fruits and superfoods in this smoothie contain large amounts of Vitamin C, A and E, Potassium and Folate, while also being a great source of fiber and antioxidants. I chose mango and papaya together because both are superfruits that also aid in the exotic taste of this breakfast choice. Spirulina in particular helps to fortify your immune system and detox you naturally. Adding coconut oil in gets a healthy fat into your body while also contributing a tropical flavor. Cocoa powder contributes to your daily percentage of Iron, Zinc and Magnesium. I love including hemp seeds in a smoothie to give a boost of protein and a subtle nutty flavor. A chia and flax mix is a very strong combination for omega-3s, lowering cholesterol and aiding in keeping you full longer. With all of these ingredients together this makes one sustainable smoothie!

The chia and flax blend that I prefer to use is this one. The coconut and cocoa flavor is a wonderful combination in this powder. It helps keep you full and has a great taste!

tropical superfood smoothie recipe

Smoothies provide endless possibilities to make a healthy and quick breakfast choice. Drink up and enjoy some healthy carbs while you fuel your body with this tropical smoothie!

Just for extra tips, I get my superfood powders from health food stores but you can also get them online too. Hemp seeds, chia, flax and coconut oil can be found at your local grocery store. For honey I recommend using local because it helps with allergies. Also, I use a mixture of fresh fruits and frozen fruits- I think that’s really your preference! I tend to buy my own fruit in bulk and freeze it for future smoothies.

The spirulina powder that I use is featured below. It’s well worth the investment because it lasts for months!

If you are mixing for one instead of two, try this personal blender! It’s great for on-the go smoothies to take with you straight from blending. I’ve even used this at work because it doesn’t take up much room on a desk.

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