Beet-Grapefruit Green Juice

I first got into juicing at the beginning of 2014. I had a few friends who had juicers and was researching them enough to finally make the purchase. Ever since I got my own I have never regretted adding a juicer to my health routine! People comment on how expensive it can be but buying juices was so much worse than the cost of making them yourself. I try to juice on Sundays and store in a growler for the week.

Sometimes I follow recipes that target a specific benefit, such as better skin, and other times I am just juicing whatever fruits and vegetables I happen to have in my fridge. I know certain combinations have better effects when used all together so I do want to start implementing that more.

This particular juice was my first time to throw in a grapefruit. I chose bok choy (which I absolutely LOVE juicing) and purple kale for my greens. For the fruit I added in beets and apples to pair with the grapefruit. I went with green apples for this one because I prefer the flavor they add.
beet grapefruit apples bok choy kale juice ingredients

The actual recipe I used is below! I am juicing for two people, and this was just a daily shooter and not enough to fill up a jug to put in the fridge. I would definitely double or triple this if you intent to have some leftover to drink on for a few days.

beet grapefruit green juice recipe

I personally use a Breville juicer at home. It has two speeds so you can adjust it for different needs. I did A LOT of research before I bought my juicer to make sure that I was investing in a good product. If you are looking to buy your own I highly suggest it!

I will definitely be doing this one again! There is a nice mix of sweet and slightly tart. Plus, it’s a great way to get some green nutrients into your body early in the morning. I can definitely tell you that after trying this one I continued to use grapefruit in future juice recipes!

Please remember to drink your fresh homemade juices within a 3-4 day period (with 24-48 hours being optimal).

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