Aphrodisiac Smoothie

When you start almost every morning with a smoothie, it’s important to have plenty of recipes to choose between. One that I like to throw in the mix every now and then is an aphrodisiac smoothie. You know…. just to give an extra little boost to the day!

This smoothie is full of fruits and superfoods that give your sex drive a natural kick. You may not even realize your body is lacking certain vitamins that contribute to your ability to be at your best physically and mentally until you start adding in a supplement to your diet and notice the difference. The nutrients you get out of this drink offer additional benefits to fuel your sexual appetite and performance. Each of these fruits has aphrodisiac qualities to them and maca is well known for it’s capabilities in balancing and improving your hormones. Combinations like this provide the perfect amount of sustenance to keep you going!

For this smoothie you will need peaches, mangos, strawberries and bananas for your fruits. Dark sweet cherries would be a wonderful addition as well, or just to use as the main fruit. I used pitted dates as well, with some local honey and pomegranate flavored coconut water. (Of course you can use regular coconut water though.) Lastly, but definitely very important to include, I added in maca and cocoa powder.

aphrodisiac smoothie ingredients

This recipe should give you something to get a little excited about! So drink up and appreciate the boost in your mood, energy and libido….

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  1. February 6, 2016

    Wow, this sounds delicious! I have been wanting to try out maca for a while, ordering some now so I can give this smoothie a try – never knew about maca’s ability to help balance out hormones~

    • February 7, 2016

      You definitely should! I try to put maca into almost every smoothie that I make (or breakfast bars too) just to get a little bit every day.

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