Full Body Cardio & Toning Routine

Cardio and toning workouts are my favorite because the combination gives you maximum results! For me, this is my ideal type of routine because it focuses on everything all at once. If you only work out two days a week I suggest doing these type of circuits rather than focusing on only abs or legs for instance.

This workout is designed to target muscles all over since the moves sculpt both lower and upper body, as well as your core. Cardio is mixed in to keep your heart beat up throughout the entire workout rather than just a quick blast at the beginning. Plus, the different exercises alternate between floor and standing to make sure you are working your hardest during this routine!

full body cardio and toning routine

Routine breakdown:

– Jumping Jacks x 60 seconds
Begin standing with feet together and arms straight down by your side. As you jump out with your feet to each side bring your arms out and up above your head. Jump back to the original position and then repeat.

– Curtsy Lunge x 10 each side
Start in a standing position with feet together. Step your right leg backwards and to the left as you sink down into a rear lunge. This will result in your thighs crossing so that you are in a curtsy position, with your front leg remaining stationary with the knee bent and up in front of you. Push with your right foot to rise back up, bringing the leg back to meet the other. Repeat with your left leg crossing back down to the right.

– Bicycle Crunches x 20 each side
Lay down with your arms behind your head and your legs straight out in front of you with feet off the ground. Bring your right knee in as you crunch up and twist so your left elbow can meet it. Go back to neutral and repeat on the other side, going back and forth.

– V sit-up x 10
Start by laying flat on the floor with feet in front of you and arms above your head. Rise up and bring your legs up and off the ground, keeping feet together, while your arms come over your head to go on either side of your legs. Keep your core tight to hold the boat pose position. Reverse back down and then repeat.

– Mountain climbers x 40 seconds
Get down on the ground in a plank position with feet together. Keeping the arms straight under your shoulders with hands on the ground, jump your right foot out to close to your right hand. Your knee will be bent and your other leg will remain straight. Bring the right foot back and then repeat on the left side. Switch legs over and over for multiple reps.

– Sumo Squat Cross Crunch x 10 each side
Place your hands behind your head and sink down into a squat position. As you rise up bring your right knee high up by your waist and crunch down with a twist so your left elbow meets your knee. Straighten out and plant both feet on the ground, then squat back down and repeat on the opposite side.

– Flutter Kicks x 40 seconds
Lay on the ground with feet straight out and arms by your side. Raise your legs off the ground and kick one up as you bring the other down. Make sure to never touch your feet back to the ground and use your core as you kick your legs back and forth.

– Jump Rope x 60 seconds
Start in a standing position with arms out to your sides. As you jump up and down slightly circle your arms by your sides.

– Push-ups x 12
Get down on the floor in a plank position and slowly lower your body to the ground, bending your elbows. Hover above the ground and then push off with your hands to rise back up to plank with your arms extended right below your shoulders. Make sure to keep your back straight.

– Russian Twists x 40 seconds
Sit down with your legs in front of you, knees bent and toes slightly off the ground. Use your abs to control you as you lean back halfway to the ground, keeping your back straight and chest up. Hold this position as you twist right and left from your midsection with your arms in front of you.

Disclaimer: I am not a physical trainer, I am simply sharing workouts that I choose to do for myself. These exercises may not be suitable for everyone and should be attempted with caution. You are participating in these exercises at your own risk. By engaging in these activities you are the judge of your own fitness level and capabilities and assume any risks of personal injury.

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