Hello everyone! My name is Collette and I am the creator of Body Compass Discovery.


The reason I started this blog is to help others become the best version of themselves by sharing what worked for me. You can read more in depth about this on the My Discovery page!

I feel that achieving and maintaining a positive mindset, healthy intake and regular fitness routine will guide you toward the future you really want for yourself. Small changes in different aspects of your life can add up to huge results in your future. My blog is meant to help you get started and maintain the new and improved you!


I decided in 2010 (when I was about 25) that I wanted to take better care of myself and the person I was going to become. I was (and still am) inspired by other women on the internet who have their own blogs, fitness channels, etc. and I am so thankful to have discovered each one of them at different points throughout my journey. Helping yourself and your friends and family is a wonderful feeling, but being able to reach and connect with so many others is becoming a passion in my life.

Disclaimer: I am not a psychiatrist, nutritionist, therapist, fitness instructor, professional chef or anything like that…. I am simply a woman who took action to better herself. Please do not try any of the workouts that you feel you may not be able to handle, and take care to pay attention to ingredients in the recipes and all natural treatments before use or intake.

Please note that I use affiliate links in most of my posts, but all are for products I highly recommend because I have personally used them.